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“Discover all that search engine positioning can do to boost your online business.”

If you want to get a greater number of visits to your website or blog, in REYNIER SEO and online marketing we know what you need. We have the necessary means to ensure that your website begins to stand out in search engines and thus receive a greater number of quality visits every day, with the aim that they may later become new customers and subsequently improve the profitability of your Web. Do you like the idea? Well read on.

What is SEO?

The term SEO as such means “Search Engine Optimization”, and somehow it is shown as the most important factor to make money with your website.

It consists mainly of positioning a website in the main search engines through a series of factors, with the aim of increasing the visibility of a website, online store or blog, in a completely organic way. This will obviously allow you to increase the number of customers and your benefits.

SEO focuses on the results that appear organically on Google, Yahoo and Bing, or what is the same, on the results that have not been obtained after payment.

There are many factors that must be taken into account to be able to carry out an adequate positioning in the search engines, although it is necessary to highlight the authority of your page and its relevance above the rest.

The Authority

With authority we refer mainly to the popularity of a website. Obviously, the more authority your website has, the more valuable it will be and the more chances they will have to reach users.

You could say that authority is the most important factor when it comes to getting a good position on the Internet.

The Relevance

Relevance refers to the relationship between a web page and a specific search. This is somewhat more complex than it seems, since if it was only worth repeating the keyword that was intended to position itself before, there are now hundreds of factors that an SEO specialist has to consider.

Why should I position my website?

To succeed on the Internet is not enough simply to create a web page and wait for the results, much less.

More than an expense we consider that SEO positioning is an investment, which manages to satisfy all the needs of your website, and adapt it to the laws of the Internet.

Somehow, SEO will help your website to be much more useful and have much more to offer, not only for users, but also for the main search engines. For a website to be understood by a search engine, it is necessary that it complies with a number of factors.

So, if some time ago you became entangled in a commercial adventure on the Internet and just made the web design, the time has come to start making your project profitable.

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Preliminary report of current situation

Diagnosis of possible Google Penalties

Link Profile Analysis

Full audit on the speed and performance of your website

Review and implementation of Rich Snippets

We configure Google Analytics panels and reports

Custom Linkbuilding Strategy

Monitoring the positions of the main keywords

Onsite SEO Audit

Keyword Studies

Review of the server and possible attacks suffered

SEO analysis of your competition

Google Webmasters Tool Panel

Onsite SEO factor monitoring

Vertical Directory Selection

Search and review of competition links