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Do you have control of the information that talks about you on the network? Do you know firsthand what is said about your company, products or services? If you still do not have control over the information that circulates, and comments on your activity. We offer you an Online Reputation Management service focused on the prevention and solution of possible negative image.

About the service

Learn a little about our online reputation service.

To solve negative comments and search results about your company

As prevention of possible short and long term problems

To boost possible reputational weaknesses and be proactive

Integration of business applications

Strengthen the brand image

Renovation and creation of new advertising platforms

Online Reputation Management

Learn a little about our online reputation management service

One of the most common practices of all companies is to look for your name in the main search engines to check what comments appear in the organic search results. However, the alarm is triggered when we verify that there are negative comments that weaken your online reputation and these precede the positive results found in the same search.
We are aware of the importance of a good Online Reputation Management strategy, we offer our clients this service as an important part of the rest of the strategies that make up a good online marketing campaign. One of the key functions of online web positioning marketing is to maximize your brand image and, of course, contribute to the improvement of all the activities that make up these online strategies. And, although we resort to online marketing to favor our natural positioning, in the same way we will include the Online Reputation Management as the main action to be taken, both to prevent and to solve possible negative aspects that directly affect your company. Currently, online reputation is a clear indicator of the degree of user satisfaction regarding the service of a brand or company. My team and I offer a specialized service of Online Reputation Management, whose objective is to prevent and solve, always turning these points of communication opportunities and capturing the interest of customers.

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